Quick Take: Unexpectedly Yours

Cocoy (Robin Padilla) serendipitously meets his high school crush Patty (Sharon Cuneta) at a time when she is struggling both professionally and personally.

Robin and Sharon’s kilig factor is still there; the chemistry of these two stars still palpable after all these years. And in Cathy Garcia-Molina fashion, there is something deeper being explored here – the midlife crisis of a woman who loses control of everything that she holds dear. It’s not only about acceptance but also taking action. I just wish that Caloy’s side was explored further as well. Surely, there is some inner conflict with his exhausting family dynamic.

I am a bit bothered though with the amount of fat jokes directed to Sharon. One or two is fine, but making it a running gag is overkill. Not a lot of Joshlia this time around, but to be honest, it works better in keeping the main story focused.

Who knew older stars can still nail the rom-com formula? I guess that’s a victory in itself.

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