Quick Take: Sa Gabing Nanahimik Ang Mga Kuliglig

A married woman having an affair gets slaughtered by her lover’s wife, who confesses the murder to a priest.

We’ve seen so many movies on crimes of passion before, but Kuliglig is unique for bringing a religious element to the fore, akin to Montgomery Clift’s I Confess where a struggle arises from breaking the seal of confession.

Of note as well is the movie’s visual identity and treatment. Aside from making use of Cuyo’s breathtaking scenery, the film goes to the realm of symbolic and metaphorical. This makes for some interesting (and haunting) imagery.

It’s the script though where the film falters. Dialogues feel very unnatural (and the delivery of some characters doesn’t help either). A crucial plot point is withheld unnecessarily even though the audience already saw it coming. Lead characters Magda and Father Romi become almost invisible on the second half.

Angel Aquino and Ricky Davao are always solid, reliable actors. But I was surprised the most with Jess Mendoza, who has come a long way since his Ben & Sam days. He manifested the inner turmoil of his character succinctly.

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