Quick Take: Cuddle Weather

Cuddle Weather prepared possibly the best booth at the PPP Grand Fancon last August 31, with a queen-sized bed and promoters carrying signs for free cuddles. The whole setup made for really great – and provocative – selfies!

We’ve had a plethora of films that show the hardships and struggles of people in the sex business – Macho Dancer, Live Show, Masahista, Heavenly Touch, to name a few. All these are mostly from the indie scene, all prestige titles, all in-your-face and fearless. Cuddle Weather is a mainstream take that’s injected with millennial sensibilities. There is criticism on romanticizing such a sensitive subject, but as I argued previously for Hello, Love, Goodbye, going mainstream has its benefits on reach and affect.

In fact, I appreciate how deep this film goes: While its cinematography, production design, and even marketing and promotions all point to colorful, flirty, and fun, it actually is a heartbreaking tragedy. These individuals are weary but desperate of love and their lives outside of their work aren’t as glamorous or exciting as they appear. I love that new filmmakers like Rod Marmol and Mina-anud’s Kerwin Go approach their work with nuance and subtlety in adding layers of meaning to outwardly fun films.

The general audience will enjoy watching Cuddle Weather just for Sue Ramirez. While she has had several starring roles already in the past, most notably PPP 2018’s Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wi-Fi, this is her legitimate launching movie. She has come to form, evolved as an actress, and found her niche, possibly succeeding for roles previously played by Bela Padilla and Arci Munoz. Her Adela (note she has several names here) is strong yet vulnerable, quirky yet reflective. Her chemistry with RK Bagatsing is through the roof! It’s just a knockout performance, hands down.

Cuddle Weather was a pleasant surprise and deserves a bit more buzz. Rod Marmol is a director to watch out for and Sue Ramirez is blossoming into a great actress and am excited to see what’s next for them.