In Focus: My Fairy Tail Love Story

Bloody Crayons alumni are on a roll. First, we had Jane Oineza and Mariz Racal feature in Haunted Forest, then Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga in Mama’s Girl. Now, it’s Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona’s turn in My Fairy Tail Love Story. Star Magic really knows how to build up stars, doesn’t it? Interesting that all three follow-ups are either Regal-produced or presented.

In MFTLS, Janella Salvador plays a spoiled rich brat named Chantel who is cursed to transform into a mermaid at night. She surmises that true love’s kiss will break the spell, so she pursues her crush Ethan (Kiko Estrada). Along for the ride is her friendzoned childhood pal Noah (Elmo Magalona), who puts up and supports all of Chantel’s selfish demands.

As I pointed out in my February release rundown, Perci Intalan is known for injecting dark humor in his projects, and it shows quite a bit in this film: There’s one about chips and another about the pilot, both playing around our main characters’ obliviousness. Despite the nature of the story, Intalan manages to keep everything fun and light, so viewers are made hopeful that everything turns out right.

However, this optimism becomes a bane in the third act, where Noah arguably makes the biggest display of stupidity in movies to date. If you found the ending romantic or satisfying, then you’re living in a world of delusion where people self-sacrificingly surrender their whole existence to you. After spending most of the runtime serving as Chantel’s doormat, the real good ending here is for him to have done what Ethan did and go straight out the door.

Ultimately, if you’re a fan of ElNella or comedies in general, there’s a lot to love here. The acting is great, the music is wonderful, and the underwater shots are breathtaking. I get that it’s trying to subvert the usual fairy tale, but there are definitely better ways of doing so.


  • So that’s it? Her “selfless” decision was not to kiss Ethan to not turn him into a merman? He made that decision even before you did, Chantel.
  • I really, really thought the setup was that Chantel turns back into a mermaid every time she does something selfish. That would have made for a much more compelling viewing — and perhaps teach the right kind of lesson.
  • This is kid-friendly in general, but please tell your boys not to follow Noah’s decision.
  • The theme song of the movie is an earworm. I can’t get it out of my head for weeks.
  • Kaladkaren Davila is now officially the go-to actress if you need a news anchor in your movie!

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